Trade In Program

Like New – Like new discs show no signs of wear and tear and are almost indistinguishable from a new disc, despite that it has been used in the field. 

Lightly Used – Lightly used discs show minimal signs of wear. The stamp may be slightly faded, but no noticeable scuffing or scraping is present.  

Moderate – Moderately used discs show decent signs of wear and tear. The stamp may be faded and the disc may have noticeable scrapes on the body of the disc. Any disc with adding markings (names written with marker for example) are considered moderately used by default. 

Heavily Used – Heavily used discs show significant signs of wear. The stamp may be very faded or missing in places. Scrapes and scuffs may be abundant on the body of the disc. Gouges may be present on the disc so long as they are considered minimal enough so that they do not affect the flight path of the disc. 

Do Not Accept: 

  • Discs with significant gouges or marks that could impact disc flight
  • Discs that are warped and would not fly as intended as a result
  • Discs that have an abundance of markings, such as marker drawings
  • Discs not approved by the PDGA
  • We also reserve the right to deny trade in for any disc we seem fit at the discretion of Adirondack Disc Golf Company